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The Social Housing Regulation Bill for England has clear requirements for landlords to evidence their performance and outcomes – both of which require good data.

The Regulator for Social Housing has stated that: ‘Good quality data is the cornerstone on which all other assurance or compliance is based.’

If you are struggling with data quality or governance issues, or you want to understand the data that you hold more fully, then we have a range of services that can help you:

Qualitative and value for money benchmarking

We provide assurance of current costs and customer outcomes and clarity over any areas of shortfall requiring improvement.

Materials benchmarking

We analyse most frequently purchased material and key component material purchases to assess competitiveness against ARK’s benchmarks and market rates. The analysis will generate negotiation opportunities with incumbent suppliers and influence future purchasing and procurement plans.

Data validation and management

We evaluate the quality and quantity of asset management and property services data and areas to be strengthened. This helps to inform operational and strategic improvement activities and provide assurance that consumer standards and best practice are being applied and met in full.

Stock condition, Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) surveys and data collation and validation

This service provides robust and reliable stock condition and EPC data to inform investment planning and resourcing capacity and competency, developed to deliver future surveying programmes.

Commercial/financial analysis

We establish and analyse costs for each part of your service to determine unit level costs and how these fare against ARK benchmarking. We also earmark areas to be further examined for improving commercial performance.

Market and other research

We have developed, and continue to build upon, a thorough and broad asset management cost database, enabling our you to benchmark your spending on a range of asset management works programmes against a variety of comparators.

Organisations that benchmark their costs against the best in their sector have a better understanding of their actual costs, can identify potential areas for efficiency improvements, and will see where revised contractual arrangements and service performance might improve outcomes.

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Danny Trueman

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Seth Wheeler

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