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Central to Langley’s leadership development strategy was the implementation of a comprehensive 360-degree feedback programme, designed and facilitated by ARK Consultancy. This bespoke programme aimed to provide Langley’s Senior Leadership Team (SLT) with invaluable insights into their leadership competencies, leveraging the ILM72 psychometric assessment.

The collaboration between Langley and ARK was underscored by open communication and a shared commitment to excellence. Anthony Taylor, our dedicated consultant, collaborated closely with Langley to design and implement the 360 assessment, ensuring alignment with Langley’s unique requirements and objectives.


The success of the programme was evident in Langley’s endorsement of our methodology, as reflected in the feedback provided by the Group Services General Manager:

How did you find working with ARK and our ability to meet your brief?
“Anthony was great to work with, understood and met the brief. We had phone calls / teams calls prior to the programme starting so that both parties understood the process and the expected outcomes. Individuals found the one-to-one sessions with Anthony really useful, and Anthony was able to challenge our leaders as an impartial manner to get the best outcome.”

What changes or outcomes did you see as a direct result of engaging with us at ARK?
“Every member of the SLT saw the value of the project and as part of their one-to-one feedback session with Anthony committed to specific actions for 2024. The group feedback session allowed us the opportunity to identify where we were currently as a team and also where we want to be. Whilst recognising we already have a great team, we were able to identify some gaps and we agreed on some actions to help to improve.

Anthony is returning in 2024, six months from the initial programme to review what has changed, and to help us to be accountable for actions we committed to. A few of the Directors really appreciated the time to self-reflect. We would definitely recommend ARK to deliver this programme – it was well structured, well co-ordinated and tailored to meet the requirements of Langley. We have commenced discussions with ARK to deliver a similar programme for our Head’s of Departments.”

The feedback from Langley reaffirms our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that drive tangible outcomes and foster a culture of continuous improvement. As Langley prepares to build upon the success of the 360 feedback programme, we remain dedicated to supporting their journey towards sustained leadership excellence.

In conclusion, our collaboration with Langley exemplifies the transformative power of effective leadership development. By introducing tailored solutions and fostering a culture of feedback and accountability, organisations can unlock their full potential and drive sustainable success in today’s dynamic landscape.

For organisations seeking to elevate their leadership capabilities, ARK Consultancy stands ready to be your trusted partner on the path to excellence.

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