Our benchmarking provides you with vital insights and helps you to compare your performance against the wider market.

Benchmarking Data (Asset Management)

As a sector, we continue to look for ways to better the services we provide to our residents. Whether it’s increasing the number of decent homes, tackling damp and mould or getting our homes to EPC C, data forms a key part of understanding and finding solutions.

Benchmarking can help identify gaps for efficiency improvements, gain a better understanding of actual costs, set performance expectations and monitor performance against other organisations. Facilitating a better understanding of residents’ needs is at the core of what we do.

At ARK, we have developed an asset management cost and performance database. Drawn from a breadth of validated data, this enables our clients to benchmark their spending on a range of asset management works programmes against a variety of comparators. It includes:

  • Cost of day-to-day repairs and voids, with respect to stock size and operatives
  • Planned component costs and lifecycles
  • Impact of chosen planned components on annual and 30 year spend
  • Operative and client side salaries, cost per working hour and the impact of terms and conditions on delivery efficiency
  • KPIs (tenant satisfaction, client responsiveness)

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Development Benchmarking: Elevate Your Performance Metrics

Are You In Line with the Market? Discover the Power of Our Development Benchmarking Club.

Participate in our Annual Development Benchmarking Club and arm your development and finance teams with invaluable insights. Make data-driven decisions that align with industry norms.

Why Our Members Trust Us

Our club members have gained actionable insights by comparing their appraisal metrics against verified industry benchmarks. This collaborative approach empowers teams to set realistic and effective assumptions, driving better outcomes.

A Growing Community Since 2019

Launched in 2019, our benchmarking club has rapidly expanded to include over 20 Housing Associations and councils across England. All members contribute anonymously, ensuring a secure and unbiased data pool.

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