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Communities & Housing Investment Consortium (CHIC) Ltd’s management services are provided by a dedicated team, under a fixed price agency agreement service contract, with ARK Consultancy.

ARK was appointed as the managing agent for CHIC following a full PCR 2015 compliant tender exercise.

The contract was procured through an Open Procedure on a fixed price basis. Performance is monitored by CHIC’s Board of Directors.

CHIC not-for-profit consortium

Who are CHIC?

CHIC is a not-for-profit consortium, owned by its members, specialising in delivering compliant procurement solutions. CHIC provides routes to market through an extensive range of tendered frameworks and DPS, fully compliant with procurement regulations (PCR 2015). CHIC’s mission is to work collaboratively to deliver efficiencies through consultancy advice, project management, procurement and commercial support, to ensure that tenants have safe, decent homes to live in.

How CHIC works

CHIC grants members of the consortium access to a wide range of contractors, suppliers, merchants and consultants through mini-competition or direct award.

Members also benefit from:

  • A dedicated Member Services Team, helping to shape their procurement needs.
  • A Procurement Team, ensuring compliance in all their contracts.
  • A Supply Chain Management Team, assisting with the ongoing management of the supply chain relationships, including data-led back office services, providing a complete managed service.

CHIC secures efficiencies and savings for members’ asset management programmes, including all building safety and compliance, repairs, planned maintenance, retrofit and new build activities.

Working with CHIC

ARK will recommend using CHIC’s services when it believes a client will secure efficiencies through the consortium procurement and management support services.

You can find out more information in the Key Facts document below:

Download Key Facts document

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CHIC supported at all points throughout the process and made life much easier, especially helping to ease the administration and technical burdens. Ultimately, we have awarded and started trading with many local and regional contractors delivering vital works to our customers and within our communities.

Richard Orders
Senior Category Manager, Platform Housing

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