Building Safety

By Luke Beard · 19 March 2024

April 6th marks a significant date in the calendar, with the focus of the Building Safety Regulator (BSR) shifting towards the implementation of the new building safety regime outlined in the Building Safety Act and associated secondary legislation.

The deadline for registering an existing higher risk building (HRB) with the regulator and submitting the required key building information lapsed in October last year. From April 6th this year, the BSR will commence assessments of buildings.

To obtain a Building Assessment Certificate, the Accountable Person, responsible for occupied HRBs, must submit three key pieces of information:

  1. A Safety Case and Safety Case Report
  2. A Residents Engagement Strategy
  3. A framework and process for reporting mandatory occurrences

Upon receiving this information, the BSR will assess the building and issue a Building Assessment Certificate if satisfied. Failure to display this certificate is an offence under the Act. Notably, any identified risks related to fire spread, fire safety, or structural failure must be reported to the BSR, with failure to do so constituting an offence punishable by enforcement and prosecution.

Accountable Persons must promptly identify and assess building safety risks, taking steps to mitigate and control them. Implementing a resident engagement strategy and establishing processes to capture and report mandatory safety occurrences are crucial.

Buildings have been categorised into annual groups based on height and number of dwellings, with taller buildings and those with more dwellings prioritised for assessment. Buildings with Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) cladding or Large Panel System (LPS) built between 1957 and 1973, without confirmed remediation, will be assessed in the first year.

Understanding your stock portfolio’s history, current status, and future trajectory is paramount. ARK offers extensive support in decision-making, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory duties while delivering optimal outcomes for residents.

Our services include reviewing available data, conducting gap analysis, strategic asset management appraisals, and providing technical support. With a team of over one hundred senior housing professionals, ARK excels in strategic asset management, compliance, development, building safety, decarbonisation, and project management. Our proprietary asset evaluation and grading platform empowers housing providers with evidence-based insights into their housing stock performance.

We take pride in our sector support and unparalleled experience across various projects, offering expertise across the entire housing sector.

If you would like more information, simply get in touch and we can offer our support where possible.

Luke Beard, Assistant Director –

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