Managing performance is not just about improving how you do things in the context of your unique organisation, but about focusing on outcomes and delivering those things that matter to your residents and other stakeholders.

In our experience, the best leaders showcase to their own teams the way performance matters in the things they do every day. They join up thinking, take time to learn, and review and revise their plans in a continuing cycle.

Performance management does not need to be a complex or extravagant process; it should be simple, straightforward and focused on outcomes that matter.

In our experience of working with leaders throughout our industry, the best and most successful ones always have one thing in common; each knows that performance is not just about compliance or regulatory expectations, but about doing the right thing for the business. Where organisations follow this ethos, exceptional performance (however you choose to measure it) will follow.

Our consultants work alongside your teams, providing bespoke performance support, including:

  • Managing risks and performance
  • Carrying out regulatory reviews and compliance audits
  • Offering support to your board and executive
  • Reviewing skills and organisational culture
  • Helping with strategy development and visioning
  • Developing and reviewing service standards
  • Setting up structures for supporting resident involvement
  • Carrying out value for money and efficiency service reviews
  • Undertaking governance, leadership, organisational and service reviews.