Webinar – Is Imposter Syndrome holding you back? 21st April 2021

DATE: 21st April 2021

TIME: 11:00 to 13:00

VENUE: Virtual Training



Many high achievers are psychologically uncomfortable with acknowledging their own role in their success.

Impostor syndrome was coined by psychologists who were looking for a better explanation as to why high achieving women often attributed their success to luck rather than accomplishment.

However, the term now applies to both male and female achievers who are psychologically uncomfortable with acknowledging their role in their success. The psychological discomfort is often rooted in pressures — from self or others — to achieve great success.

Impostor syndrome can also negatively impact your career, you may overproduce to prove you are capable. This can lead to burnout and ultimately be counterproductive. It might be holding you back from applying for the promotion, missing opportunities because you do not feel worthy or capable, despite being quite competent.


This online workshop and we’ll uncover the causes of this widespread and anxiety-inducing mindset, known as the Imposter Syndrome.

You will be able to identify and explain the root causes of what might be holding you back.


Learn and put into practice the tools to be able to change their mindset, tame the monster, and unlock more of their potential and confidence.


Anyone who is struggling with feelings of self-doubt, inferiority and performance anxiety.


Anthony Taylor – Mental Skills Trainer & Talent Coach, Facilitator, Author & Speaker

Anthony is a qualified NLP coach & practitioner, qualified Mental Toughness Practitioner, and has a CMI Diploma in Management and also a MH England Qualified Mental Health First Aid Instructor.

Anthony specialises in equipping people and teams with the mental skills needed to thrive in today’s world. We focus on developing personal and leadership performance through mental toughness and changing the story around mental health.

He works with clients to help them design and implement employee wellbeing support programmes. Clients include AO.com, AV Danzer, Veolia, Goldman Sachs, whg, the CBI and the Chartered Insurance Institute.


Delegate spaces are £47pp + VAT.