Housing organisations process and keep large quantities of data, but this is often held in different systems and not consolidated to test comprehensive asset performance.

ARK Consultancy has created a unique strategic asset performance model (ASAP) which evaluates assets through a series of asset strategic efficiency tests (ASETs). These consolidate data from a range of sources to test relative performance and returns at a granular level.

The data fields are flexible and client-specific, with each model being developed through an iterative process with client staff and leadership teams.

The outcomes are strategically powerful in their ability to summarise relative asset performance and returns. Clients can quickly understand the value each asset group brings to the organisation and use this to inform effective asset management, strategic planning, and property scheme and neighbourhood-specific options.

Our clients range from small and local to large and national, and have assets of all types and tenures. We hold extensive comparative data, so we can help clients to test their asset performance in relation to others.

Our process seeks to engage client stakeholders in understanding asset performance and options for change. Our clients who have adopted it tell us that it has really influenced positive cultural change within their organisations.