And the winners are……

By Jerry Gilbert · 3 September 2021

After herculean efforts to submit their bids, 31 strategic partnerships found out on Tuesday just how much they have been awarded and for how many homes.

The results are interesting and we thought it worth looking at a few number facts found from the table below.

Grant rates – The government announced the grant funding and number of homes, we have simply extrapolated the data to show the grant per home. Obviously teams were bidding for very different programmes in very different areas but the grant rates per home range from £41.7K through to £83.3K.

The winners (8 partners), of an around 1,500 home programme, seemingly the most popular number of homes to bid for, achieved grants ranging from £41.7K through to £73.5K.

There were four joint lead partners (Most of the strategic partners have others in their delivery groups) Curo and Swan, EMH and Midland Heart, Guinness and Stonewater and Longhurst and NCHA all chose to headline together.

For-profit providers feature in the list with Legal & General, McCarthy Stone (Shared Ownership) Ltd, Sage, and Vistry all being allocated grant. Their grant per unit ranged from £42K to £62.6K and their programmes from 1,500 to 2,100 new homes.

The largest programme goes to Great Places (4,920) with Clarion (4,770) and Platform (4,680) taking second and third place on the podium. (We could not resist a photo of Sarah Storey winning her 17th Olympic Gold Medal to illustrate the winners.)

Image: Thomas Lovelock/OIS

We wish all of the partners the very best in delivering their programme. If you need support and would like to discuss ways in which ARK’s expert teams of practitioners could assist with your programme delivery and would like an informal chat, please contact Jerry Gilbert.


Organisation Grant funding Number of homes Grant per home
Abri £250,000,000 3,218 £77,688
Accent £210,200,000 3,305 £63,601
Aster £114,000,000 1,550 £73,548
Bromford £239,900,000 4,000 £59,975
Clarion £249,700,000 4,770 £52,348
Curo & Swan £160,400,000 2,425 £66,144
EMH & Midland Heart £171,700,000 3,551 £48,353
Flagship £93,000,000 1,500 £62,000
Great Places £240,800,000 4,920 £48,943
Greensquare Accord £212,900,000 3,755 £56,698
Guinness & Stonewater £250,000,000 4,180 £59,809
Hyde £250,000,000 3,000 £83,333
Karbon £131,500,000 2,200 £59,773
Legal & General £125,500,000 2,121 £59,170
LiveWest £123,600,000 2,550 £48,471
Longhurst & NCHA £230,000,000 3,935 £58,450
McCarthy Stone (Shared Ownership) Ltd £93,900,000 1,500 £62,600
Metropolitan Thames Valley £62,600,000 1,500 £41,733
Onward £152,400,000 3,208 £47,506
Orbit £103,900,000 1,500 £69,267
Places for People £250,000,000 4,403 £56,779
Platform £250,000,000 4,680 £53,419
Riverside £80,800,000 1,530 £52,810
Sage £73,500,000 1,750 £42,000
Sanctuary £99,500,000 2,000 £49,750
Sovereign £166,900,000 3,338 £50,000
Thirteen £191,300,000 3,270 £58,502
Together £249,900,000 4,047 £61,749
Torus £140,300,000 2,736 £51,279
Vistry £83,000,000 1,474 £56,309
Vivid £105,600,000 1,550 £68,129

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