London Borough – Repairs Operating Model


We utilised the following methodology to deliver the options appraisal: 

  • Analysis of a range of documentation, including budgets and management accounts, contracts and contract registers, staffing structures, strategies and performance information. 
  • Benchmarking of actual costs and performance against comparable organisations where possible. 
  • One-to-one interviews and team meetings with key staff and stakeholders. 
  • A ‘Challenge Workshop’ with key managers to test our initial findings in relation to the service and views on the different options. 
  • Financial modelling of each of the options. 
  • Final report, incorporating feedback from the Challenge Workshop. 

The scope of the work undertaken by us included: 

  • An assessment of the current position, including relative cost and performance. 
  • Identifying alternative delivery models and contracting options that are existing within the market. 
  • Identifying the key objectives that the organisation seeks to achieve through any new delivery model and hence the criteria for appraising options. 
  • An assessment of the different options against these criteria. 
  • An outline of the next steps involved in the delivery of the preferred option, including any interim or temporary measures. 


  • Recommendation of a new repairs operating model focussed on delivering excellent service outcomes for customers and VFM for the London Borough. 
  • Guidance provided on how to improve: 
    • Service quality and experience of the services and works delivered. 
    • Development of appropriate processes and systems to provide the controls and infrastructure needed to deliver effective outcomes (efficiency/performance). 
    • The strength of the client-side function in specific areas. 
    • The contract management framework and approach to ensure the supply chain is managed effectively. 
    • Strategic asset management, investment planning and intelligent commissioning practices, to inform programmes of work, the order book and future procurement. 
  • Finally, a comprehensive implementation plan was established, with associated timescales. 
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