Happy older woman on a couch, symbolising comfort and contentment in well-regenerated housing for older people.

Housing Association – Demand led review of the need for housing for older people


This large project provided:

  • an assessment of the strategic operating environment.
  • analysis of supply and demand across the area of operation over the next 20 years to inform the association’s growth strategy.
  • feedback from residents and staff using various methods to identify the key design features and services they value.
  • the views of many key stakeholders to inform priorities.
  • analysis of many datasets from the landlord to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each scheme.

Key to this project was a scheme assessment tool that pulled together the data from all these different sources to summarise the performance of each scheme. This tool helped to identify selected schemes that we visited and analysed in more detail to recommend future options.


The Housing Association is considering all the evidence, insight and options we have provided. It will be updating its growth strategy and the services it provides to existing residents.

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