ARK’s Market Synopsis

Welcome to the latest edition of ARK’s market synopsis report covering market outcomes to the end of November 2021.

What’s going on?

  • Market reports remain bullish up to the end of November citing strong levels of activity due to a shortage of properties, strong labour market and competition amongst mortgage lenders.
  • Halifax report a strong uptick for flat values “with double-digit annual price inflation for flats (+10.8%) over the last year compared to slower gains for detached properties (6.6%)” Could this be a sign that the “Race for Space” is slowing down?
  • However, Omicron, rising inflation, the possible increase in interest rates, the ‘cost-of-living’ crisis and increasing threat levels from Russia on the wider political platform may all put the brakes on things in the coming months.

Chris Seeley, Director

Chris has a strong track record in sourcing, delivering and selling homes; strategic asset management; project and programme management; and in mentoring individuals and supporting teams to maximise their success. He is passionate about working with people and about the importance of building strong relationships with delivery teams, residents and stakeholders.

Chris has undertaken a wide variety of interim and project management roles across development-site sourcing, business development and project management as well as procurement and research projects.