ARK’s Development Benchmarking Group expands

In 2019 ARK formed a ‘West Midlands Development Benchmarking Group’ and successfully recruited 9 members who anonymously shared data relating to development assumptions and hurdles as well as details relating to programmes. The outcome was a comprehensive report detailing upper and lower quartile outputs together with median values and a commentary.

This year, ARK has expanded the group’s range to incorporate both the East Midlands and South West of England and has already recruited 12 members to take part.

If you are a development specialist working in any region, including outside of the East and West Midlands and South West do please contact Chris Seeley – to find out more about how the Group is working in 2020.

Chris Seeley, who leads the Development Benchmarking Group said “the group has been very successful, we agreed on a straight forward approach that concentrates on the development assumptions underpinning viability appraisals together with hurdles and simple to assemble programme data. We found this no nonsense, low-cost (£400 per member) approach added the greatest value and we are keen for more developing councils and associations to join the Group.”

You can contact Chris on 07770532571 and