Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea – Lots Road Regeneration


Kensington and Chelsea is one of London’s most vibrant and recognisable boroughs. It has many unique buildings, famous museums and beautiful parks. Although the borough is geographically one of the smallest in London, at just over 4.7 square miles, it is one of the most densely populated and diverse areas in Europe. The council own and manage 6,732 properties. 

Lots Road is a long-term project management assignment which includes a highly complex series of interrelated design and construction projects. The original appointment was to support the Council in the selection of a development partner to undertake the regeneration of the Lots Road south site. Our Director supported the Council throughout the design of and then the selection process to the conclusion and signing an agreement with the Developer. 

Subsequently, our role has broadened into wider project management, managing a range of enabling projects so that the south site can be regenerated. 


This has been an extremely interesting project to work on. We have been providing client side project management services in support of the Council’s in-house development team. The project includes the design and construction of a wall to Chelsea Creek, a tidal creek from the main River Thames. 

North of the site, the team are managing the design planning and procurement of two separate offices and welfare facilities for the Council’s highways and street cleaner services. 

To create the space for the development the existing car pound is being relocated. The new location had planning approval, but we have led the procurement of a MMC solution to house the team together with security and ground works to create the pound. 

We have recently been commissioned to complete a planning application for a further alternative site for the salt store currently located at Lots Road. Our project team have managed the procurement across all sites of the ground investigation and planning reports together with advice for rights to light and party wall matters and we have commissioned a sewer survey to ascertain the extent of a storm drain under part of the site and are now working to complete the building over agreement. 

During the project we also have drafted many of the internal procurement and approval documents.  

Once planning has been obtained, we have also been commissioned to procure contractors and to oversee the development of the various buildings associated with the enabling works. 


The outcomes we have achieved include:

  • The procurement of around 30 site investigation and associated reports to support planning applications across three separate sites.
  • Planning approval for a street sweepers depot.
  • Planning application submitted for an office and welfare facility and two further applications for supporting premises being prepared.
  • We have procured the MMC contractor for the car pound works.
  • We have obtained planning approval for the works to Chelsea Creek.
  • We have procured contactor to undertake the works for Chelsea creek.
  • the submission of one of the three further planning applications required.

When the project is completed the existing car pound will have been relocated, the highways and street sweepers will have new welfare and office facilities, the creek wall will have been rebuilt and the site handed to a developer to build around 300 new homes including 60 plus new affordable extracare homes and other apartments. 

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