Housing Association – High Level Safeguarding Interim


Clare Thomas, an ARK Associate with over 30 years’ experience in the social housing sector, was recruited as Interim Operational Head for the Care and Support Department for 12 months. 

Her remit was to assist in the development and implementation of improvement plans, departmental leadership and management. 

The improvement plans were used to measure success by senior leaders at the housing association to track the journey of safeguarding improvements. This involved risk mapping and ensuring effective performance management of the service managers including an audit process. 


Working closely with colleagues from ARK, a safeguarding training programme was coordinated and delivered throughout the business, which involved Board members and the Executive team. 

Clare moved from an operational role to assist in overseeing the coordination and planning of their CQC nursing care homes. This required resettling people with learning disabilities, handing properties back to NHS landlords and redeploying staff where possible. 

Clare has now completed the work but the changes she implemented will make a lasting difference to the organisation. 

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