Transition – more than just Tech !

Zoom, the video meeting software company, saw its share price peak extraordinarily in March as we all moved into lock down and sought new ways to work.

Whether using Zoom or Microsoft Teams, we have all become more familiar with communicating via a screen rather than face to face, both with our colleagues and our customers.

There is no doubt that traditional ways of working are being challenged and employees and customers will continue to demand more in this digital age – even when the lockdown eases.

Agile working offers significant socio-economic and environmental benefits. However, remote working as an expedient measure is a world away from the challenge of leading and managing an organisation where a significant number of staff are operating remotely over the long term. The potential may be enormous but so too are the risks, to both the organisation and the individual.

Technology has enabled the communication but has exacerbated the risks associated in maintaining corporate culture, monitoring performance, data protection, accountability, security and not least the stress for individuals of lone working. Combine that with maintaining the customer facing culture that registered providers are renowned for, dealing with a mixed and sometimes vulnerable customer base, and the focus becomes business transformation supported by technology rather than led by it.

ARK has designed its ā€œTOPsā€ programme to help clients take a structured, multi-dimensional review of Technology, Organisation and People to deliver a robust transition plan for your organisation.

Delivered by experts from the social housing arena who specialise in transition management, they understand the challenges faced by landlord organisations in delivering customer responsive and value for money services.

Whether you need the full TOPs programme or help with specific aspects, ARK will support you by providing expert resources to work with you to fully consider the issues associated with agile working whilst allowing your staff to maintain customer service.

Click here to download our agile working flyer that includes some of the issues/questions that we address as part of the TOPs programme to help you avoid the pitfalls and enable you to take full advantage of the opportunity that agile working presents, in both increased efficiency and the achievement of significant cost savings.

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