Alan Penton


Alan is an expert risk and compliance consultant with in-depth technical knowledge and effective decision-making skills at strategic and executive level, based on a broad and varied professional firefighter career in the UK Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) and subsequent consultancy roles.

As an FRS strategic lead, Alan commanded emergency response at all levels up to major incident Level 4 (Gold), gaining a reputation as an effective leader focused on planning, effective decision making and post-incident learning. He led the FRS collaboration with the Health and Safety Executive during the national HSE inspection of the FRS. He carried out the role of the fire safety compliance lead for two FRS. He also undertook a system-wide strategic review providing the framework applied to reorganise the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

Alan has extensive experience in organisational change of fire, health and safety and risk management compliance, in sectors that include Health and Safety Executive (HSE), housing, commercial property development, the NHS, and Fire and Rescue. His evidence based analytical approach to problem solving is underpinned by a post graduate MA in Research Methodology.

Alan supports the delivery of the programme at Fire Service College that provides emergency responder and related organisations incident and tactical commanders with the skills and knowledge in planning for and responding to multi-agency Crisis Management events.

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