Helping you to understand your supported housing stock and services to maximise performance.

Whether you are a specialist provider of supported housing or you have supported housing and housing for older people as part of your services, ARK has a range of services that can support you to implement informed decisions to maximise performance.

  • Do you fully understand the markets you operate in?
  • Are you concerned about the quality of the homes and services you provide?
  • Are you uncertain about investing in your housing stock?
  • Are your homes and services responding to the changing operating environment?
  • Are you prepared for regulatory change?

ARK can help answer these questions using our well established and market-leading approach to strategic reviews of both your assets and services.

Reviewing your supported housing / housing for older people

Our approach covers many aspects to give you the full picture.

The strategic context

We will draw together analysis of government policy, regulatory requirements, the local economic and social context, funding options, your organisational strategies and plans, other local strategies and examples of good practice.


We will provide a rounded view of your supported housing based on a range of measures, both customer focussed and financial inputs and outputs. We will assess whether you are achieving the outcomes you seek.

Financial capacity

We will assess the income to the service being reviewed along with the costs of providing the service. We will identify gaps and opportunities. The focus will be on how to deliver your priorities.

Demand and the market

We will analyse a wide range of information to ensure you fully understand your market. This will include existing demand, changing demographics and needs, housing preferences, competing provision, new supply and the commissioning environment.

Stakeholder views

We will agree with you how to understand the views of a wide range of stakeholders. This will include staff, customers, friends and families, local authorities and other providers. We have experience of a wide range of methods to gain feedback.

Service structure, offer and targeting

We will combine the evidence we have collected to make recommendations on your future service offer, the operating model, the income, costs and how to market the your supported housing.


The value of an ARK review is that it gives you:

  • Understanding of costs and performance
  • Examples from across the sector
  • Strategic direction
  • Options for assets, services and structures
  • Advice on income sources
  • Clear priorities with actions

ARK has a breadth of expertise to support you to implement agreed actions.

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