An understanding of true asset performance provides reassurance for most businesses, who understand that money spent replacing building elements as lifecycles expire is a sensible investment, on which there will be fair return.

It also highlights where asset performance is weak, whether driven by property design or type, supply and demand, local market competition, or socio-economic issues.

At ARK Consultancy, we have developed a comprehensive option appraisal process, which connects clients’ business intelligence to local market assessments. We support our clients to engage their stakeholders, including staff and customers, to complete option appraisals, enabling them to create effective solutions by making informed, deliverable decisions based on sound financial modelling.

We tailor each process to meet our clients’ individual needs and circumstances, and then support their in-house teams to own and complete future option appraisals. We pride ourselves on providing an innovative and supportive approach that builds internal capacity, promoting ownership and trust in outcomes among stakeholders.