Housing organisations increasingly have to show a real understanding of asset management costs so they can demonstrate whether they are achieving value for money across their activities.

We have developed, and continue to build upon, a thorough and broad asset management cost database, enabling our housing clients to benchmark their spending on a range of asset management works programmes against a variety of comparators.

These include:

  • Extensive database of actual costs secured by different organisations
  • Open book cost model reviews
  • In-house contractor cost models and business plans
  • Recent procurement projects
  • Recent consortia-procured cost data.

Organisations that benchmark their costs against the best in their sector have a better understanding of their actual costs, can identify potential areas for efficiency improvements, and will see where revised contractual arrangements and service performance might improve outcomes.

At ARK Consultancy, we have an extensive database of costs and information that can be used to assess and compare a variety of areas related to wider business activity.

These include:

  • Impact of terms and conditions on delivery efficiency
  • Costs and overall efficiency of client-side staffing structures
  • Contractual arrangements and costs relating to specialist contractors
  • Impact of chosen planned component lifecycles on annual and 30-year spend
  • Balance of planned, cyclical and responsive asset management expenditure (both historic and future budget provisions).

We continue to develop the depth and scope of our benchmarking activities, and will meet your bespoke needs where possible.