We believe that a strategic understanding of asset performance and a long term, comprehensive investment (and disinvestment) plan is essential to effective business performance for any asset-based service provider.

At ARK Consultancy, we work with clients to understand their overall asset performance in the context of their property market and organisational aims, from forensic detail at property level to corporate outcomes. As we gear up for net zero homes by 2050, we will help clients to design a strategy that considers the practical reality of the transition to a net zero future.

We advise and support clients to develop comprehensive asset management strategies. We have a tried and tested methodology – ARK’s Asset Management Wheel – which delivers long-term, deliverable strategies linking resident services, property performance, regeneration and new development to the resources available.
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We support boards, executive teams, operational delivery staff and other stakeholders to develop and deliver effective, holistic asset management strategies that inspire organisational and cultural change that adds value across the organisation.