Strategy development and service implementation

  • Tackling homelessness and rough sleeping
  • Reducing the need for temporary accommodation

We can support you to develop your strategies on these challenging issues and work with you to build strong partnerships and implement effective services.

We offer a well-established team with a depth of experience and the practical skills to help you to:

  • Collate and understand data to ensure you can target responses to identified needs
  • Build networks and partnerships to develop innovative and targeted joint solutions
  • Develop a strategic approach to preventing and resolving homelessness, to reduce rough sleeping and the use of temporary accommodation
  • Make submissions for funding and other resources to build and operate new services
  • Review existing services reflecting regulatory requirements
  • Commission providers of accommodation and services to meet the needs of those who are homeless.

Many areas are under pressure due to high numbers of people seeking assistance because they are homeless or threatened with homelessness. Near record levels of statutory homelessness and those owed a prevention duty are driving changes to the way we respond.

Did you know that national policy and potential funding sources could give you an opportunity to develop new, innovative solutions? Partner with ARK and we can give the expertise and capacity to help you make rapid progress.

In recent years ARK associates have completed projects including:

  • A county-wide strategy to tackle homelessness and temporary accommodation
  • Facilitating a partnership approach to submit bids for funding through the rough sleeper initiative
  • Development of a whole system approach to resolving needs and creating ‘Better Futures’ for those with multiple disadvantages in a county region
  • Fundamental review of homelessness service in a district council
  • Reviews of existing temporary accommodation provision
  • Tender evaluation of a project to deliver new temporary accommodation
  • Interim management of services

What value can ARK add?

  • Strategic direction for your services
  • Clear priorities and actions
  • Capacity to deliver change
  • Strong partnerships
  • Better understanding of the key issues amongst colleagues and stakeholders
  • Value for money in service delivery to meet your key priorities

ARK expertise

ARK brings together a team of highly experienced practitioners to apply their expertise to collate the evidence, agree priorities and deliver change.

Find out more:

All our projects and our interim placements are tailored to individual priorities so we are keen to discuss how we can work with you.


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