At ARK Consultancy, we have a strong reputation for innovation, which we have developed and demonstrated across a wide range of projects and assignments since our earliest days as a business.

We advise clients on diversifying activity, modernising service delivery, and how to intervene differently in markets, whether through new organisational structures or using vehicles.

Local authorities are increasingly looking to promote housing development by adopting a more direct role in the process and benefiting from the associated financial returns and revenues. We have advised on the options available to help them intervene more directly in housing production, best approaches to fit local circumstances, and the viability and operational requirements of establishing special purpose vehicles.

Our consultants have appraised new market opportunities on behalf of housing association clients, guiding them on how to organise themselves to secure new business in these areas as well as how to deliver services more efficiently and manage these activities and related business risks in an effective way.

We support our clients’ progression by helping them to:

  • Understand and assess markets
  • Formulate strategies
  • Refine products and services
  • Identify, appraise and secure opportunities
  • Equip their organisation and its infrastructure to make the most of new business opportunities.