ARK Consultancy has an excellent track record in procurement and at any point in time we will be procuring at least one project on behalf of our clients.

What sets us apart in this area is the thorough and complete approach we take to assembling the documentation. We believe bidders should fully understand the requirements, expectations and aspirations of the tender by reading the documents provided. We pride ourselves on minimising the number of bidder queries by considering tenders from their point of view, using insight gained from team members who respond to client tenders on their behalf.

We also take time to ensure we completely understand your needs, testing your requirements and helping you scope ways in which the service could be provided, then shaping the procurement to suit.

We have excellent relationships with most legal firms providing procurement advice and often work in partnership with leading practices.

We provide detailed, cost effective procurement of a wide range of services for sub and Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) compliant tenders.