Businesses that demonstrate effective governance often evidence similar characteristics; they are transparent and accountable, they have strategic vision, and they champion participation and equality.

Regulatory requirements across the UK all stress the importance of effective governance. This applies not only to existing assets, but the development of new homes, and importantly ensuring the needs of customers’ now and in the future are met.

Whether you are a housing organisation, charity or private sector business, ARK Consultancy can help your organisation take a fresh look at themselves and ask “are we fit for the future?”. Our FITness tests check different aspects of regulatory compliance and the key elements of organisational success

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Decision Time

Decision Time have a suite of easy to use, easy to implement and easy to purchase cloud -based solution that enable effective board meetings, a clear understanding of risk and a sharp focus on goals and outcomes.

ARK is the sole provider of Decision Time’s Meeting, Risk and Goals product to the housing sector. Together we are driving better governance combining our governance and assurance work with Decision Time’s tools providing leadership teams with easy access to information and the ability to focus on the detail to enable better decision making.

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ARK’s wider governance services include

  • Governance reviews
  • Board/trustee development, coaching and mentoring
  • Board/trustee recruitment
  • Board/trustee appraisals
  • Board team-building and facilitation of away days
  • Succession planning
  • Restructuring
  • Business planning.