Social enterprises operate in almost every industry, from utilities to social care, retail to media, housing to education. Their ethos is to have a positive socioeconomic impact on communities.

ARK Consultancy provides support to individuals and businesses to turn an idea into reality. We help create new social enterprise businesses, as well as grow existing ones.

The measurement of the social impact of business activity is increasingly important in both the public and private sector. Stakeholders want to know how businesses support the communities in which they work, and the value of that support. ARK Consultancy works with organisations to create measures which can be evaluated to evidence outcomes, outputs and the social return on investment for each £1 invested.

Our specialist consultants offer a range of services, including:

  • Comprehensive options appraisal of business models
  • Competitor analysis
  • Work to develop a business case
  • Identification and support of bids and applications for revenue and/or funding streams
  • Training and mentoring
  • Business coaching
  • Development of business plans for charities.

Our portfolio of work includes:

  • Setting up a new charity, Academy 4 Housing, in London on behalf of four registered housing providers
  • Supporting a group of tenants and residents to start up a local community café in Liverpool
  • Setting up Handylink, a handyperson social enterprise in Gloucester
  • Developing a social impact framework and measuring the outcomes for Talent Match Black Country, a £10 million project supported by the Big Lottery Fund
  • Measuring the training, employment and community social impact outcomes achieved through a procurement membership
  • Developing a new business growth plan for a Cheshire charity.

The video below demonstrates how we have supported clients to understand and quantify the social, environmental and economic value they are creating. For more information on Social Return on Investment support contact Helen Scurr at