A decrease in rents, Right to Buy, grant reduction, demand outstripping supply and changes in tenant profile: the background in which our clients operate is challenging and constantly changing.

At ARK Consultancy, we help clients to transform the way they work in order to help their customers and their own business navigate new economic environments.

Stress caused by economic pressures can negatively affect not only the growth and sustainability of organisations, but also the mindsets of their individual employees. As well as affecting engagement and performance, it can lead to an increase in ‘presenteeism’ – where staff work when unwell or when they are not fully productive.

Mentally tough people view challenges, change and adversity as an opportunity rather than a threat. They are driven by it and respond by aspiring to high performance. Typically, they find a way to turn things around and if they cannot solve the problem themselves, will find someone who can. These will be the members of your team that enjoy being out of their comfort zone, going to new places and meeting new people, innovation and creativity.

Our development programme aims to help you encourage these positive attributes, by:

  • Identifying the nature of the challenge, sources of stress and pressure and potential or actual impact on performance
  • Identifying individuals’ strengths and development needs when it comes to dealing with stress, pressure and challenges
  • Implementing techniques for coping, developing mental toughness/resilience and measuring the impact and reach of our training
  • Creating and sustaining effective plans to build mental toughness, develop positive behaviour and optimise performance and wellbeing.