Webinar – The importance of the human factor in change – 10th February 2021

DATE: 10th February 2021

TIME: 10:00 to 10:45

VENUE: Online Webinar


As William Bridges said ‘A Change can work only if the people affected by it get through the transition it causes successfully’

In these challenging and ever-changing times, how do you react to change? Is this having an impact on you and your team?

This session focusses on the impact of change and challenges on us as individuals and how we can support others positively in times of change.


If we understand more about how and why we and others experience change differently we can feel more positively in control.


  • To explore the human aspect of change, how we experience change personally and what our own resistors to change or challenges are
  • How to ‘lead and feed’ yourself in times of change or challenge
  • How to lead in a forever changing environment, maintain trust and positively influence change
  • How to develop courage to do things differently – ‘taking risks and being curious’.


Do you want to be more proactive rather than reactive? Then join us for this 45-minute session to explore how you can feel more resilient and positively curious to achieve new beginnings where change is concerned.


Tracey is a specialist in leadership development; behavioural development; organisational change; coaching and the creation of innovative and practically effective learning solutions.

Experienced in partnering with senior and middle managers/teams to implement business and strategy success through both operational and people development. She has experience in supporting business start-ups seeking to establish and build positive cultures.

Tracey is a qualified NLP practitioner, an advance coach with The International Coaching Federation (ICF) and delivers tailored and meaningful 1:1 and team coaching to suit client needs. She has a passion for supporting resilience and positivity, to ensure wellbeing is a key focus area within any business.


Due to the nature of this course, we have restricted the number of attendees to 3 per organisation.