Time isn’t just seconds, minutes and hours, it’s a commodity.

Date – Wednesday 4th December 2019

Venue – ARK Central, 84 Spencer Street, Birmingham, B18 6DS

Time – 9.30am – 4.30pm


“Between digital and human factors, there’s typically only three minutes of consistent focus before an employee gets interrupted (or self-interrupts). Studies show it might be 23 minutes before a worker gets back to whatever task they were completing before the interruption occurred”.  Gloria Mark, Professor who studies digital distraction at the University of California.

Work demands our full attention and vigilance. However, between meetings, emails, chitchat, IM, mobile devices, and colleagues wanting ‘just five minutes’, we are increasingly diverted from our goals.

There are huge negative effects, both professionally (when you miss deadlines and targets) and personally (when catching up means working through lunch breaks and after hours).

Why attend?

This time management course will give you the insight you need to efficiently and effectively manage your time. It’s a practical, experiential course and you will work on your own personal time management issues.

You’ll learn:

Effective time management skills to enable you to manage time more efficiently, including how to plan activities and get tasks done in a smarter way, both at work and at home. You will gain a solid, easy to understand grounding in the science of distraction, attention and vigilance.

  • The cost of distraction and lack of attention in the workplace, including a review of how you and others work
  • Learn how to overcome your personal distractors through understanding why we become distracted and the new habits needed to remain focused
  • Eliminate avoidable distractions and increase productivity by confidently using a variety of proven tools and techniques
  • Gain time by enthusiastically integrating your learning back at work because you know the REAL impact distraction is having
  • Improve quality by using a basic set of skills to review any work process to eliminate distractions and improve focus
  • Continually improve and maintain attention and vigilance through awareness of current technologies, systems and applications

Who is this for?

Anyone who needs to avoid distraction and maximise work output, and for those who need to increase their ability to concentrate of work tasks and their vigilance in the workplace.

The course will also support line managers who need to coach team members to improve attention to detail and support staff to complete tasks on time.

Trainer:  Catharine Hinton.

Catharine has forged her a career at the forefront of public and private sector service and maintenance industries. She delivers training, development and project management services.

Based on proven techniques and experiential that work in the real-world Catharine is dedicated to helping you and your company grow your capabilities through training and tools that take you to the next level of success:

Specialising in human factors, Catharine is uniquely able to blend her principal education in biology and behaviour (including a UK MSc in higher level skills) to provide unrivalled insight into humans within their workplaces, homes and communities.

Booking information

Delegate spaces are £250.00 (excl VAT), an early bird rate of £200 (excl VAT) applies to bookings made before 9th October 2019.

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