Success under stress

Date – Friday 15th November 2019

Venue – ARK Central, 84 Spencer Street, Birmingham, B18 6DS

Time – 9.30am – 4.30pm


Are you concerned that the level of stress in your life is threatening your wellbeing? You may be frustrated that you have no time for yourself. You might even be worried that are too exhausted to enjoy the time you have off with your families.

Chances are you might also be fed up with feelings of fear, anger, frustration and even insecurity about your job and your future.

I’m also guessing that 8 hrs sleep a night is a rarity and not the norm. And that this has been happening for over a year and you expect it to be the same a year from now.

Any person can reduce their stress levels by attending this one-day course on ‘Success Under Stress’ because it teaches proven, evidence-based tools and techniques.

Why attend?

When employees are happier and healthier, they work harder, get better results, and there’s a much more pleasant atmosphere in the workplace.

Our stress management training helps people recognise the impact of excess pressure on themselves and others. It enables participants to be more effective at work and at home.

You’ll learn:

  • Stress is bad for you. Wrong! We show you why the opposite is true – backed by science
  • The three stress responses you’ve probably never heard of and how they help you
  • The two psychological causes of all stress (Just knowing these can lower your stress levels)
  • If you can breathe then you can learn to relax and sleep better with this one technique Navy Seals use in combat
  • How to be the happiest, calmest and most relaxed person in the office
  • One in four people will experienced a stress-related mental health issue this every year. This simple technique can make sure you are never that person
  • How to reduce overwhelm when everything is a priority
  • How to stay calm when someone is driving you nuts

Give us one day and we’ll show you how to be happier, healthier and less stressed…for life

You’ll have the opportunity to take a StressScan assessment prior to the day and have your own personal report into the lifestyle, coping and psychological tools that can help you withstand the adverse effects of daily stress.

Who is this for?

This is course is for anyone regardless of role or seniority who would like to deal better with the pressures of the modern workplace.

Trainer – Anthony Taylor, Consultant

Anthony is a MH England qualified Mental Health First Aid Instructor, qualified NLP Coach and an experienced trainer and facilitator.

Anthony has been coaching since 2006 and has chosen to work predominantly with middle management. With formal training as a coach, facilitator, and trainer he helps people and teams break through glass ceilings and achieve more than they thought themselves capable of.

Over the last five years Anthony has worked with clients across numerous sectors including social housing, professional services, automotive, public sector, armed forces, retail, construction, energy and technology.

His approach is to identify and work with the strengths an individual or team already has and to enhance these through coaching and training. He uses a variety of tools and approaches drawn from coaching, sports psychology, neuroscience and personal development.

Booking information

Delegate spaces are £250 (excl VAT), an early bird rate of £200 (excl VAT) applies to bookings made before 11th September.

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