How to become an employer of choice for the next generation with Access Generation CIC

DATE: 6th October 2021

TIME: 09:30 to 10:30



It’s no longer the employers assessing the candidates, the candidates are now assessing employers. Will you meet their expectations and do you know what it takes to become an employer of choice for the next generation?

Young people at Access Generation CIC have assessed over 600 careers/job sections on employer websites. Come and learn about the insights from their Employment Accessibility Research and hear directly from young people.


Join us for this free 60-minute webinar led by young people to understand the key messages needed to attract future generations.

This session will give you an opportunity to:

  • Understand young people’s expectations when choosing an employer
  • Understand young people’s perceptions of the recruitment process
  • Takeaway top tips to attract candidates and reduce recruitment costs.


Anyone who is interested or responsible for attraction, recruitment and/or employer branding.


Access Generation

Access Generation CIC is a social enterprise that empowers employers to attract the next generation. Their mission is to give young people a platform to have their voice heard by business to change the way they attract and recruit. We want to see employers become attractive, supportive and inclusive. #AccessYourTruePotential

This training session will be led by members of the Access Generation peer panel who are campaigning for change in the recruitment process.