Queen’s Speech: Plans for new infrastructure levy stay in line with tradition

In a real break from tradition, the Queen’s speech was presented by Prince Charles, hopefully the Queen will be able to attend future openings of Parliament.

Sticking entirely with tradition of announcements without substance, details of the proposed infrastructure levy are sketchy. It is widely understood that the infrastructure levy will take place of existing s106 arrangements to the dismay of many in the sector.  Whilst the potential for councils to have more funds available to support communities in different ways is possibly good news, the direct link between s106 and new housing has been a cornerstone of social housing delivery for many years and should not, in our view, be thrown out in exchange for cash today and homes tomorrow.

The speech confirmed that the private sector Renters’ Reform Bill will abolish ‘no fault eviction’ and we are supportive of this move which offer greater security for Private Rented Sector tenants, many of whom, living in holiday areas during covid found their homes disappear from under them in a drive towards Airbnb.

The Social Housing Bill will, we understand, incorporate many of the key points from the Social Housing White Paper which has been widely supported by the sector. Michael Gove has said that the Government aim for the publication of the Social Housing Bill during May and there is much speculation it could be today.

Chris Seeley, ARK Director

Chris has a strong track record in sourcing, delivering and selling homes; strategic asset management; project and programme management.

Chris has undertaken a wide variety of interim and project management roles across development-site sourcing, business development and project management as well as procurement and research projects.