Prime Minister Announces £2bn for 25,000 new Council Homes


In her conference speech, Theresa May pledged to dedicate her premiership to fixing the “broken” housing market. In a welcome statement she said, the State must get “back in the business” of building subsidised rented homes for those not able to buy.

The government said the £2bn it was making available would unlock a further £3bn in public and private investment in all types of housing. Ark welcomes the opportunity for the mixed economy to contribute to solving the housing crisis and particularly the role of public sector councils and housing associations in delivering genuinely affordable homes.

Our director Chris Seeley has previously written on the subject of council house building and you can find his article in Building Talk here.  Chris argued for the role of councils to be enhanced but recognised that could only happen if they can put in place the right culture, people, skills, tools and partnerships.