Our ‘asks’ for the new housing minister

As the 10th housing minister in the last decade prepares to take up his new position, ARK has put together our list of key ‘asks’ that we would like to see prioritised:

  1. Housing Supply and grant funding
    It is no secret we are in the midst of a housing crisis. We would ask the minister to increase delivery and importantly given the lack of grant funding post 21, for many providers to argue with the new chancellor to release more funds to more to Homes England.
  1. Fire safety
    In the aftermath of the events at Grenfell provide funding for the work already identified to address dangerous cladding already identified
  1. Social rent
    Increase the supply of  truly ‘affordable’ social housing to rent for those most in need.
  1. Listen
    Following the social housing green paper, empower residents, owners and excluded groups and the social housing sector to ensure their voices are heard.