Mayfield Town Centre Consultation

Welcome to the Mayfield Town Centre Community Information Page 

We, the In It Together group are inviting you to take part in the final round of public consultation of the Mayfield town centre masterplanning exercise.

We are grateful to so many of you who took part our earlier consultation events. We were inspired by the many ideas put forward to better our proposal.

Your feedback on the concepts and your aspirations for what Mayfield town centre ought to become have been the most important considerations in shaping the future of our town centre. After taking on board the full spectrum of your comments, the design team has refined the previous concepts and we are now able to present to our residents, a consolidated conceptual plan for Mayfield town centre.

Please take a moment to look at the drawings and sketches we have prepared and complete the short questionnaire. These are straight forward open questions where you’re free to comment on any aspect of the proposal you feel strongly about.

Although your opinions will be sought again once we move to implement each phase of the masterplan, this is the last opportunity to have your say on a conceptual layout that would guide our town centre’s future growth and development. We’ll be moving to produce the final masterplan document after this exercise, so your information and views at this point are vitally important in helping us produce the best possible blueprint for our town centre.

There will also be a live presentation of the masterplan via Zoom, where residents can ask questions to the design team directly. Please follow the In It Together Facebook page for more details, click here to access.

View the latest Mayfield conceptual plan and drawings below

Drawing No 1 – Conceptual Plan

Drawing No 2 – Central Masterplan Area

Drawing No 3 – Bird’s Eye View of Revamped Town Centre

Drawing No 3.1 – Bird’s Eye View of Revamped Town Centre

Drawing No 4 – View Along Central Pedestrian Avenue

Drawing No 4.1 – View Along Central Pedestrian Avenue

Drawing No 5 – View Along Mayfield Place

Drawing No 6 – View Towards Market Stall

Drawing No 7 – New Community Centre Indicative Accommodation Schedule


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Feedback form

Questionnaire (Complete this ONLY if you haven’t done so previously)


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If you didn’t part in our previous consultation events but would like to now. you can review the materials here and complete the questionnaire.