Long awaited green paper to be launched today

The long-awaited Social Housing Green Paper will finally be published today, so is it the ‘new deal’ for tenants promised by the Housing Minister, and importantly does it address the biggest issue the sector faces, a shortage of new homes?

Following the tragic events at Grenfell Tower, the paper is expected to include a commitment to provide tenants the quality of service they need, including steps to speed up the complaints process and provide more support for tenants, strengthening the Regulator of Social Housing and giving it “sharper teeth” to intervene.

We also welcome the announcement to review current social housing regulation, and the call for evidence on the current regulatory framework. We recently launched our FITness test to assist providers in checking different aspects of regulatory compliance and look forward to developing this model with clients in line with this review.

We are disappointed that the paper does not include additional funding to secure the delivery of the new homes we so desperately need. We continue to call on the government to do more to help build more homes.

Home ownership continues to be out of reach for many, and the green paper does include new home ownership options, including allowing tenants to buy as little as 1% of their property through shared ownership. Given the recent headlines regarding the lack of replacement homes through right to buy receipts, a consultation to review the use of right to buy receipts is a welcome move.