Legal and General join CHIC in supporting the development of Modular Homes

Legal & General yesterday announced their interest in building modular homes to support the growth of the private rental market. Paul Stanworth, managing director of Legal & General Capital (LGC) said “People see the quality of modern modular housing. It’s hugely energy efficient and the costs are competing quite significantly against traditional build. If you create the same unit again and again, like a car, you get the same efficiencies.”

Legal & General are thinking (and indeed doing) the same as CHIC. CHIC has Off Site Manufactured Modular and Timber Frame and Panel homes available to public housing organisations throughout England and Wales. Modular Space and Stewart Milne were both appointed under OJEU compliant procurement processes and are ready to deliver new homes to help solve the housing crisis.

“CHIC have procured Off Site solutions to reduce cost, improve quality and address skills shortages” said John Fisher the MD of CHIC “ Legal and General have obviously thought about the situation in the same way as CHIC and identified Off Site Manufacture as a great way of achieving a step change in housing production”.

To find out more about what CHIC can offer your organisation please contact Chris Seeley on 0121 515 3831 or email