Enabling your teams to thrive in difficult times

If you want to sustain long-term growth, you must become more resilient. However, for organisations who want to thrive – you should teach mental toughness, allowing it to become part of your organisation culture.

Mentally tough people are great for company culture. Paul Lyons a fellow Mental Toughness colleague, shared why:

They possess greater self-belief and approach life more positively. Their “can do” attitude leads to greater rapport and connectivity with colleagues creating a more vibrant and energetic culture.

They honour and stick with their promises and commitments through to the end. This characteristic is great for company culture. When the going gets tough you can rely on them to deliver.

Mentally tough people are calmer, more content and self-assured, meaning they manage stress much better. They are great people to have in a crisis or period of great organisational change because they can keep their emotions in check, ride the waves and not be diverted off course.

They are naturally more motivated to achieve their goals and possess greater confidence in their ability to do so. This approach is infectious and generates a great energy in your company’s culture.

Finally, mentally tough people perform at a higher level. Research has shown it to be up to 25% higher. Improved performance creates a high-performance culture which has got to be great for your company culture and importantly your bottom line.

A number of our clients are already using mental toughness to support the colleagues including:

Futures, Rooftop, Longhurst, Wolverhampton homes, Black County Talent Match, Slade primary school, Regenda, EMH

To find out more about our mental toughness training contact us at academy@arkconsultancy.co.uk