…that’s Dudley MBC’s vision for investing well in its homes and neighbourhoods.

The Council has asked ARK Consultancy to help it to plan for carrying out improvement works to its housing and to areas around those homes.

For some time, the Council has been assessing its homes and has a good understanding of which homes and which areas need higher levels of investment to get things right for residents now and in the future.

ARK has been talking to groups which represent local residents, like The Housing Board, Dudley Federation of Tenants and Residents Association (DFTRA) and The High Rise Forum. This is helping the Council to focus on improvements which residents want to see most.

We want to make sure that people living in the borough have their say and play a part in the improvement works, helping us to build an even clearer picture of priorities.

We mentioned in the last newsletter that we would organise some drop-in sessions if Covid restrictions allowed. I’m pleased to say that we will be running these drop-in sessions in your areas as follows:

  • 07.09.21: 2:00pm till 6:30pm, Chapel Street Estate Outside the estate office
  • 08.09.21: 2:00pm till 6:30pm Highfields Estate, Worcester House, Malvern House, Tenbury House Outside the Hope Centre, Andrew Road
  • 09.09.21: 1:00am till 2:00pm, Butterfield Court
  • 09.09.21: 3:00pm till 6:30pm Clent Court, Claverley Court.

If you have any queries, please contact us via email at or call 0121 515 3831 and ask to speak to Joanne Turley.


The team will be producing newsletters to update the community on the progress of the consultation: