Inspirational leadership, effective management, the ability to respond to change and getting the best from your people, are the key ingredients for successful business.

Leadership and management training is a hugely important part of an organisations training and succession planning, providing employees with opportunities to enhance their career progression whilst increasing staff loyalty.

Using the vast experience of the ARK team we have developed a suite of management and development training opportunities to provide the necessary skills, behaviours and tools to lead and motivate individuals and contribute to wider business strategy and success.

Our current progression training programmes are listed below. If you would like to discuss a bespoke training package for your organisation, please email us at


DATE: 18th March 2020

Part of being an effective leader is bringing out the best in your team. You can accomplish a lot more as a group than you can by yourself. One of the best ways to help your team members succeed is by helping them manage their time better.

The workshop focuses on helping managers to manage their own time and priorities, as well as those of their team.

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