People are the most important asset of any organisation. They directly impact customer experience and their efficiency, or lack of, impacts on organisational success.

The current political and economic climate and organisational change can negatively affect the mindset of employees – impacting performance, increasing absence and potentially effecting the team around them.

ARK has developed a unique programme of wellbeing training workshops and seminars to address stress management and increase mental toughness.

All delegates attending one of our wellbeing training sessions will receive a free Mental Toughness Assessment (MTQ), a unique 48 item high quality psychometric tool that measures mental toughness and describes the mindset that people adopt throughout their professional and personal lives.

Our current wellbeing training programmes are listed below. If you would like to discuss a bespoke training package for your organisation, please email us at


DATE: 14th January 2020

Many managers are promoted into the role due to their competence in their area of expertise. However, most managers have had very little training in the practical skills required to manage people effectively.

This course is designed to equip new and first-time managers with those key skills.

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DATE: 16th January 2020

This one day course is designed for anyone who wishes to develop their skills, confidence and crucially, the impact they have on others.

Delegates will learn how to become more influential, persuasive and successful in the workplace.

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DATE: 21st January 2020

Organisations that value and respect all members of their community be they workers, residents or other stakeholders are the most likely to succeed. This simple fact signifies the importance of placing equality, diversity and inclusion at the core of organisational culture.

Delegates attending this half day workshop will learn how to create more inclusive teams that can flourish and reach their full potential and understand the enablers and blockers to promoting and embedding a diverse and inclusive culture.

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DATE: 29th January 2020 to 30th January 2020

The tough economic climate means we are all faced with ever-increasing workloads due to reduced resources, for an organisation this often leads to increased poor mental health amongst employees and an increase in sickness absence due to stress related issues.

This two-day course will provide delegates with the ability to spot the signs and symptoms of mental health conditions and provide help on a first aid basis.

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DATE: 15th April 2020

We all need to learn how to cope with stress and how to reduce stress in the workplace.

This one day workshop will provide delegates with techniques for avoiding or managing stress which will help reduce the impact of stress on themselves, their team and their organisation.

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DATE: 13th May 2020

One of the most challenging parts of managing performance is initiating conversations around difficult and sensitive topics.

This one day workshop will provide delegates with techniques for managing these situations and ensuring positive outcomes for their team and their organisation.

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