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ARK has established an excellent reputation for providing innovative training and personal development solutions tailored to meet the needs of our clients

We are committed to supporting organisations, especially during these unprecedented times.

Colleagues are facing challenges in terms of their health, work and home life, These include juggling childcare, caring for vulnerable family members, enforced isolation and remote working, all of which might impact on their mental health and wellbeing.

It’s important we continue to equip organisations, leaders and their people to cope better with relentless change and promote personal wellbeing. We have developed a range of remote support solutions, which will enable your people and your business to continue to thrive in these turbulent times, click here to find out more about the range of virtual training and workshops available, or contact us at academy@arkconsultancy.co.uk to discuss your specific requirements.

What makes our training different?

Our training programmes are designed to be engaging, challenging, creative and fun. Our non-traditional learning techniques make delegates think differently about how to approach work and leave delegates motivated, energised and inspired.

Our trainers are highly knowledgeable in their specific area of expertise and have a strong track record of delivering bespoke training solutions.

Alongside our learning and development programmes, we offer 1-2-1, coaching and mentoring at all levels. Discreet, personal and highly effective – our coaches will explore issues and aspirations, support goal setting and nurture performance.


Upcoming Events

DATE: 30th March 2021

Capturing the value of social activities through social return on investment (SROI) metrics often focuses on the collection of quantitative data linked to a direct outcome or public sector saving. For example, ‘Mike starts work and is no longer dependent on welfare benefits, this has a direct impact on economic savings to the public purse.’ However, if Mike’s self-esteem has improved due to work experience, how can we reflect this?

Join us in this 60-minute session which will enable you to understand how you can maximise and measure those softer outcomes that often change people’s lives.

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DATE: 21st April 2021

Many high achievers are psychologically uncomfortable with acknowledging their own role in their success. Impostor syndrome was coined by psychologists who were looking for a better explanation as to why high achieving women often attributed their success to luck rather than accomplishment. This online workshop and we’ll uncover the causes of this widespread and anxiety-inducing mindset, known as the Imposter Syndrome. You will be able to identify and explain the root causes of what might be holding you back.

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