Are you struggling to meet targets for housing production?

Look no further, we have extensive experience in working with organisations to tackle this problem.

ARK has recently completed an important 5-month assignment for Worcester City Council.  The council appointed ARK to explore the reasons why housing production, and especially affordable housing production, persistently fails to achieve targets in and around the city.

Worcester works with its neighbouring districts, Malvern Hills and Wychavon, to formulate its Local Plan and there are strategic sites in these other districts which make a significant contribution to meeting Worcester’s housing requirements.  So, ARK had to examine the market functionality and operating context across an area broader than Worcester alone.

We engaged with the council’s members and various officers as part of our work and also with a number of other stakeholders. We examined the policy, funding, land supply and project delivery context in some detail and considered the way the council is resourced to support production. We have made a wide range of recommendations to the council on measures it can take to achieve a significant uptick in the output of new affordable homes.  This includes some interesting innovations around land supply and promotion which would see the council becoming much more engaged in these up-front aspects of the development process.  

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