APPG Report into Youth Employment

We recently tweeted about one of our Directors Helen Scurr giving evidence to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Youth Employment. There report has just been published. The report highlights the evidence given by Helen with Kim Babb from Black Country Talent Match regarding the work they are doing with young people who are furthest from the labour market.

They have found that in this group 30% of young people now declare they have mental health issues and 20% of young people do not apply for jobseeker’s support, meaning that many young people are not receiving the support they need to support them into education, training or employment.

The APPG also hear from a number of other specialists in the field of Youth Employment and made the following key recmendations

  • Production and publication of the youth employment data at a more granular level, parliamentary constituency or local authority area
  • More detailed breakdown of the youth employment categories to separate out young people in education, apprenticeships, in employment, receiving support, care leavers, homelessness.
  • Inclusion of employment/sector growth areas and skill needs aligned with regional employment figures
  • Presentation of data in a more visual form to allow access to non data/analytical users

You can read the full report here