Annual Development Benchmarking Report

We are pleased to report that the annual development benchmarking report was submitted to the current 17 members of the group in the week before Christmas. The report, which compares development assumptions and hurdles across upper and lower quartiles and at the median rate with each members data has been provided at a cost of only £400 per member.

The development programme managed by members extends across over 3,500 new homes in 2020/21 and the benchmarks include interest and discount rates, PUPA costs for management and maintenance and hurdle rates (NPV, IRR etc) along with other vital data points.

Chris Seeley from ARK said “this is the second year of benchmarking, we have designed and produced a simple list of comparative data sets so organisations can complete and submit their responses quickly and gain the most from the outputs”.

Vicki Tomlinson Connexus’s Director of Development said “this is really useful resource, one which provides a helpful depth of analysis and provides us an opportunity to drill down into the data”.

If you are interested to learn more and to join the group  it is not too late we can simply add your data and reissue the report to the increased membership and we would be pleased to do so. For more details speak to Chris Seeley on 07770532571 or email