A return to Development?

We are pleased to see that the construction industry is responding to the Government’s call to increase production in England and are impressed with the care with which our partner contractors and house builders are, or are preparing to, return to site.

For our council and housing association development colleagues, the volume of work is about to ramp up; not only are we anticipating an increase in on site work but in the business development and pre contract spheres with land deals, and S106 offers already coming back, and for those of you with private sector housing and shared ownership programmes, the lifting of the embargo on moving home, will release pent up demand.

Being rooted in development and regeneration, and with a team of expert practitioners ARK is ready to play their part in helping you deliver new homes. We can provide :

  • Development Director
  • Regeneration Director
  • Pre and post contract Development Project Managers
  • Business Development Managers / site finders
  • Development appraisal practitioners
  • LA Housing strategy and planning support

Our team has wide experience across the public and private sectors and we would be delighted to discuss your specific requirements. Please contact Chris Seeley at cseeley@arkconsultancy.co.uk or call 07770 532571 to discuss your needs. ARK can be called off from a number of frameworks.

In this uncertain environment, bringing in experienced interim and project resources or outsourcing projects allows you respond quickly to changing circumstances, avoid long term commitments and flex your resources to suit your needs.

.Finally, the risk of Covid 19 remains, and as has been said “sites are very visible and we will need to replicate the way in which supermarkets have developed their response.” Learning is being taken from many sources and we have included below a few links that we think are helpful: