The Big 500

We have kept a record of every client that we have worked with since ARK’s inception in 1990 (sad but true).

29 years after John Paterson and Jerry Gilbert launched ARK in the face of an oncoming recession (has anything changed I hear you ask) we have now worked with 500 clients, delivering a huge range of services. Our early clients included many stock transfer associations and through time we have, and continue to, work with Councils, ALMO’s , consortiums, government and the private sector from Abbeyfield UK to the YMCA.

We have provided project and interim resources, research, procurement, HR, mental resilience, treasury and a host of other support services, working throughout the UK with a growing client list in Northern Ireland  to join customers in England, Wales and Scotland (and in the States of Jersey).

Throughout we have kept our focus on providing a first class service through the deployment of great people who add real value and we are pleased to be acknowledged nationally as a highly skilled consultancy renowned for delivering real results in an open and ethical way.

Thank you to the BIG 500, we enjoy working with you and we look forward to working you and with our next 500 customers in the next few days, weeks, months and years.

If you would like to discuss ways in which ARK might add value to your organisation do please contact any of our directors.